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Aged Care Royal Commission Report
Royal Commission Report Released

After 2 years, the final report from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, titled Care, Dignity and Respect, was tabled in Parliament on 1 March 2021. The report outlined 148 recommendations, with a call to rewrite the Aged Care Act to focus on the care needs of older people rather than the funding aspects. Not all recommendations and observations in the Report were agreed by both Commissioners, and we are yet to hear a full response from Government. The Commissioners have given the Government a 31 May deadline to respond and we may see some reforms in this year's Budget. The Government has initially responded with a promise of additional funding of $452.2m to address immediate concerns, and its intention to respond to the Report through the lens of five pillars: Home care Residential care quality and safety Residential care services and sustainability Workforce, and Governance. One of the key...

Aged Care Home Care
Home Care Continues To Expand

The mid-year Budget update was announced by the Government on Wednesday 16 December and included another 10,000 new home care packages, at a cost of $850m. This is on top of the 23,000 new packages announced in the October Budget and shows not only an increasing government focus on this part of the aged care sector but also increasing consumer demand for in-home care. Since 2012, the number of packages have increased by more than 200%, with an additional 50,000 packages announced since the Royal Commission handed down its interim report. By mid-2021 around 195,000 people are expected to be receiving home care packages....