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Poole and Partners Investment Services is one of the Sunshine Coast‘s leading financial and investment management firms. 

At Poole and Partners Investment Services, we offer tailored financial advice, investment and financial planning solutions and in today’s rapidly changing economic and political environment, the successful management of a portfolio of shares and interest based investments requires supervision, accurate and up to date information, with an ability to incorporate the latest in technology to deliver a transparent and liquid investment portfolio.

As a fee-based service, it provides clients with lower overall management costs and complete impartiality in investment selection.

Poole and Partners Investment Services has skilled and experienced advisers who are well qualified to provide the complete range of financial and investment services so necessary today.  

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Our Investment Services

Investment Portfolio Management Service Sunshine Coast

Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio management service is our premium service and gives you complete peace of mind knowing that our team of experts will handle the management and administration of your portfolio. Our advisers will create a customised portfolio to suit your specific needs and will provide you with quarterly and/or annual reports on your portfolio to keep you up to date on your portfolios performance.  You will also have online access to view your portfolio at any time.

Tailored financial advice Sunshine Coast Maroochydore

Tailored Financial Advice

Every client and every business we see has their own unique financial goals and needs. We work with you revisiting your financial goals when required, and ensuring an achievable pathway to a stronger financial future.

Investment & Financial Planning Services Maroochydore

Investment & Financial Planning

Protecting your existing wealth and continuing its growth is our speciality. We have helped many clients and families secure a stronger financial position by using our investment services. Secure your future financial health today!

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Online Access – Investment Portfolio Management Service

Signing up for our Online Investment Portfolio Service will provide you with access to view information on your portfolio at any time. Contact us if you would like to apply for this service. We will issue you with a User ID and password which will enable access to the Investor Portal via our website from any computer or device.

Let's Talk Superannuation...

Apart from our homes, Superannuation is one the largest assets most of us have and is also one of the most tax-effective retirement saving methods. 

Superannuation can be a complex area and is rarely a high priority consideration for most unless you are nearing retirement age.  But making small changes to your superannuation early on make a big difference and will lay the path for the lifestyle you will enjoy in retirement. 

At Poole and Partners Investment Services, our expert Advisers will help you determine the right super fund for you by taking into account your existing fund’s Fees, Performance, Investment Options, Insurance and Services as well as your Personal Retirement Goals.  And ultimately making sure your super will be there for you when you need it. 

Superannuation Managment Service Sunshine Coast

What are the advantages of using Poole and Partners Investment Services?​

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You're Important To Us

Our clients are our priority, having helped many clients and their families manage and grow their investments for over the last 20+ years is something we are very proud of. Our integrity and attention to detail has enabled us to achieve very high levels of client satisfaction.

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Individuals, Families, Businesses

We work with individuals, families, self managed super funds and businesses to provide services and solutions that assist in the preservation, growth and management of your wealth.

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Tailored Financial Advice

We work closely with our clients to target their wants and needs, and have developed strong long-term relationships with our existing clients and their families. So, whether you are an individual investor, or high net worth entity, our goal is simple: to listen to you, then act according to your specific needs.

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Informed Decisions Based On Current Data

We draw on the expertise from a variety of external sources such as Bloomberg and Jonathan Pain to develop and implement investment strategies that will meet your specific circumstances and long-term objectives.

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Direct Equities

Our number one objective for our portfolios is to invest in companies that our research suggests will grow their earnings at a reasonable pace over a five-year period and therefore increase the enterprise value of the company. Our number 2 objective is to preserve as much capital as possible when volatility hits the market by investing in specific sectors and stocks that we believe will still be able to maintain earnings throughout cycles in the overall economy. At times, investors look through different lenses when they are looking at their portfolios, day-to-day headlines are like looking through a microscope. The Warren Buffett method is twofold, one is to understand what the strategic benefit of holding a company is and two, what are the long-term potential benefits of investing in that company for shareholders (us). The interesting point about Warren Buffett is that he made most of his money over the age of 70, simply because he bought and held quality and let the compounding effect of great companies enhance his wealth "over time".

Our portfolio construction has a delicate balance between defensive assets and growth assets that blend together to attempt to reduce as much risk as possible.

Of course, our stocks could not withstand the tidal wave of a substantial market sell off. They too would be affected, but from our experience, it has been shown that the good investments will be affected less and they will bounce back faster than many others. Our overall portfolio strategies are designed to match the experience and understanding of our clients to help them feel comfortable and be able to follow their investments in the most transparent way we feel possible.

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